If you are interested in submitting a contribution in the symposium program, please send the title, authors and a short annotation (max. 10 sentences) to:, copy to no later than December 15, 2021.

Include the number of the topic and your preferred option for ordering.

Contribution options:

  • Inclusion in the program
  • Only in proceedings
  • Poster

Thematic areas

I. Bridge structures in the Czech Republic – construction, administration and maintenance, standards

  • Planning and financing of bridge structures
  • Realization of major bridges
  • Current legislation – Business conditions of buildings
  • Preparations of planned constructions
  • State of road and railway bridges in the Czech Republic, their management and maintenance

II. Bridges abroad

  • Information about professional foreign events
  • Examples of realized significant new and reconstructed bridges

III. Bridges in the Czech Republic – science and research

  • New scientific knowledge in the field of bridge structures, research projects
  • Innovation of technologies, materials and products for bridges

IV. Bridges in the Czech Republic – projects and implementation

  • Projects of new buildings, reconstructions and repairs of bridges
  • Implementation of new buildings, conversions and repairs of bridges
  • Bridge equipment
  • Defects and failures of bridge structures, their causes and consequences
  • The final acceptance and inclusion of the contribution is decided by the preparatory committee of the symposium.