Information for authors

Submitting a paper to the MOSTY Symposium programme and to the electronic proceedings

Step 1.

Download the application form, fill it in and send it to Please indicate “MOSTY 2024 – abstract” in the subject line. Please note that the paper will need to be prepared in accordance with the Guidelines for Paper Preparation. The deadline for submission is 18 December 2023 15. January 2024.

Step 2.

Based on your submission, you will receive a decision from the Preparatory Committee on whether or not to include your paper in the symposium program or proceedings. You may receive the following types of decisions.

a. Your paper has been included in the program* and also in the proceedings
b. Your paper was not included in the program but will appear in the proceedings
c. Your paper was not included in the program or in the proceedings

*Please make your presentation in the program with the numbering of the slides in the form of e.g. 1/20. We recommend not to repeat the data that are in the proceedings and rather focus on details, news, extension of information. Time for presentations is limited to about 10 min of lecture + 5 min of discussion.

Step 3.

If you receive decision option a. or b., you will be asked to supply the content of the paper for the proceedings. The submissions must be delivered in harmony with the guidelines for paper preparation. Please use this template when submitting.

Required files