Practical information

  • Accommodation is booked in single and double rooms of the Hotel International Brno. Sold out!
    Please reserve accommodation at Hotel Continental (10 min by walk) in application form.
  • The social evening will be held on the premises of the Starobrno Brewery Restaurant, Mendlovo náměstí 20, Brno.
  • Included in the entry fee for the symposium are: refreshments during the conference (coffee breaks and breakfast) and entry to the social evening.
  • The inclusion of the contribution to the conference proceedings and the symposium program is decided by the Preparatory Committee, acceptance of the contribution requires submission of an application for acceptance. Contributions are not remunerated. Presenters of contributions have a right to 1 unit of the specialist proceedings.
  • Conference languages: Czech, Slovak, English.


– Entries for the 2018 Bridge Work competition: 15. 12. 2019

– Applications for expert contributions – annotations: 15. 12. 2019

– Sending instructions to selected authors: 3. 01. 2020

– Applications for complete company presentation: 31. 01. 2020

– Delivery of contributions from the authors: 14. 02, 2020

– Applications for partial presentation – advertisement in the proceedings: 15. 08. 2020

– Applications for partial presentation – exhibition, distribution: 15. 09. 2020